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    Andrew BauseAndrew Bause

    Please comment on this post with any points for discussion at the M-TC.org.uk AGM which will be held in late November 2020

    Stu RandStu Rand

    BRCA motors, esc and lipos

    The way I see it the class needs support from racers i under stand the current esc and motors are cheaper and are actually very good however you will never encourage touring car racers or buggy racers to try MTC as not only a car would be needed to race but all the electrics aswell most established racers have spare motor and esc in the pit box.

    Guda MaldwarGuda Maldwar

    Personally I think run what ever your club will allow. But at national and regional events the current rules should be as they are with more stringent rules on chassis costs and upgrades. This class was intended for beginners and club racers to have fun without breaking the bank chasing that that last 100th of a sec.

    Team XpressTeam Xpress

    I agree with costing on chassis

    John Baynton-GlenJohn Baynton-Glen

    I’m hopefully not to late to add to this. I think it’s most important to keep the focus on easy entry for beginners. To that end, please don’t change too much. Keep a tight control on allowable chassis, motor, esc etc. Please keep this a low cost and fun class.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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