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    MTC AdminMTC Admin

    If you have any comments regarding the support class rules please make them here.

    Conrad AshtonConrad Ashton

    Is the support class for the MTC for Tamiya chassis or any front wheel drive chassis?

    Mark ParnellMark Parnell

    Do you have to use HobbyWing EZRun Combo Max10 3652SL 3300kv Brushless Motor or can you use any motor & ESC upto £100 each

    Team XpressTeam Xpress

    We hope these simple rules will make for exciting, close, racing for all drivers.
    Formula 1
    Brushless:- any brushless speedo to max retail cost of £100
    BRUSHLESS 21.5T only or NO LESS THAN 20T brushed or the combo
    HobbyWing EZRun Combo Max10 3652SL 3300kv Brushless Motor
    No other brushless winds motors are permitted at this time. Speed controller software must not be altered in any way. Altering the standard parameters using the supplied programmer device on its own is allowed.
    Any commercially available sealed can motor with no less than 20 winds (These must be Mabuchi style, sealed motors with enclosed endbells that do not permit changes to brushes, springs or timing).

    Formula 2
    Tamiya silver can motors only
    Silver can motors from other manufacturers such as Mardave are not permitted
    Motors must not be tampered with in any way such as altering the timing
    Rules for Formula 1 and Formula 2
    General Rules:-

    Geared or ball diffs permitted
    Any 2 wheel drive Tamiya mini (M03, M05, M06 including Pro versions, M07, M08). 
    Maximum size pinion: 20T
    The MG Evo is also permitted, but the primary gearing must be 28/80. No alterations to other gearing
    Xpress M1 maximum gearing 64dp 112/37 FDR 5.71 or 48dp 78/26 FDR 5.70
    Speed tuned/fast gearsets are not permitted (including differentials)
    Chassis modifications to the battery hole are not permitted
    HOP UPS: Any commercially available hop up maybe used, no chassis conversions allowed
    Minimum weight is 1250g
    Giros Are not permitted at all
    7.4v 2s LiPo (or 6 cell NiCad or NiMH) no higher than 10amp charging AND ALWAYS IN A LIPO SACK
    Any Mini tyre on a 42mm rim (no double inserts or foam tyres) RUBBERS ONLY
    Ride Height:-
    Minimum 5mm
    Permitted Bodyshells:- scale bodies only
    Only wings supplied with the bodyshell are permitted for use on the bodyshell, no additional wings are allowed.

    Team XpressTeam Xpress

    hi Conrad I will try and find out for u if we will allow the Xpress fm1s front wheel drive mini

    Peter HarridencePeter Harridence

    should just use the same rules as MTC and just switch motor to 21.5t

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