M-TC Rules & Guidelines 2020

Below is the current M-TC(Mini touring Car) Class rules.


M-TC (Mini Touring Car) Class


This class of RC car racing is based upon the ethos of low cost, controlled and competitive sport. A class suited to newcomers and experienced racers alike. The committee that have been responsible for these rules view them as work in progress and have taken to limit motors and specify the actual make and model. This approach ensures that all cars racing in the M-TC class will have the same amount of power available irrespective of the cars brand or model.

Before the formulation of these rules we have been running the class in a number of clubs up and down the UK and closely involved those pioneers in the following.


M-TC Construction Parameters

1.1      Maximum track width                                          168mm

1.2      Wheelbase                                                               210 or 225mm +- 2mm

1.3      Minimum weight                                                    1225grams

1.4      Minimum ride height                                            5.0mm


M-TC Wheels & Tyres

2.1      Any rubber or foam wheel and tyre designed for M-TC class.

2.1a    If entry numbers permit, qualifying may be split into heats of foam and rubber tyres.

2.2      No 1/10 Touring car wheels or tyres.

2.3      Maximum overall diameter                                 60mm

2.4      Maximum overall width                                       26mm

2.5      Tyre additive is allowed at the discretion of the club / organiser.

2.6      Wheel nuts / fixings must not protrude past the outer edge of the wheels by more than 2.0mm


M-TC Body Shell

3.1      Any car based body shell designed for 210mm / 225mm wheelbase.


3.3      Maximum Roof height (excluding wing)          145mm

3.4      Only spoilers or wings included with the body are allowed.

3.5      Body shell must be painted with all windows left clear.

3.6      Body shells must be of Polycarbonate / Lexan form. ABS or any other hard plastics are not allowed.

3.7      Body posts are not to extend further than 15mm past the fixing pin securing the body shell.


M-TC Motor

4.1      The list of control motors for M-TC is:

4.1a    Trackstar 17.5T V2 “Stock”

4.1b   Trackstar 17.5T V2 “Outlaw”

4.1c    Team Zombie 17.5T “Clubman”

4.1d   Rage 17.5T “Clubman”

4.2      Trackstar option rotors are allowed.

4.3      No other motor modifications whatsoever.


M-TC Speed Controller

5.1      Speed Controllers must be running in “Blinky” Mode

5.2      No third-party firmware is allowed

5.3      No dynamic timing (Boost / Turbo) of any kind is allowed

5.4      No Speed Control with a UK Recommended Retail Price exceeding £60.00 Including VAT shall be allowed


M-TC Batteries / Charging

6.1      LiPo batteries must be 2 cell (2S), commercially available and hard cased.

6.2      In the interest of safety, charging current should not exceed 10A but is at the discretion of the club / organiser.

6.3      LiPo battery charging must be carried out with the battery in a fire proof charging bag with any zip or fastener closed.

6.4      Fully charged LiPo batteries must not exceed 4.20volts per cell.


M-TC Hop Ups

7.1      Hop ups are defined as any item that is not supplied in the kit that is used to enhance the car in terms of cosmetic appeal or performance.

7.2      Only hop ups designed for M-TC cars are allowed with the exception of:

7.2a    Servo saver

7.2b   Track rod ends

7.2c    Springs

7.2d   Shocks

7.3      All hop ups must be commercially available


M-TC Gearing

8.1      Either 48 or 64dp pinions and spur gears are allowed.

Please Note

These rules will be periodically evaluated due to the nature of this emerging class, please visit the “Mini Touring Car (M-TC) Racing UK” Facebook Page or visit www.m-tc.org.uk for the most up to date information.